Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Magic Box Mounter

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Discover the Galaxy S22 Ultra Magic Box Mounter – the ultimate screen protector with easy installation, crystal-clear privacy, and seamless integration.

Easy Installation with Magic Box Mounter

Simplify Your Life with the Galaxy S22 Ultra Magic Box Mounter

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Magic Box Mounter is the ultimate solution for hassle-free installation. It’s time to say goodbye to the frustration of complicated screen protectors. Designed with ease of use in mind, this innovative screen protector offers a seamless installation experience that anyone can handle.

With the Magic Box Mounter, you can effortlessly apply the screen protector onto your Galaxy S22 Ultra within minutes. No more air bubbles or misalignment issues that can ruin the aesthetics and functionality of your device. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, and you’ll have a perfectly applied screen protector in no time.

Crystal Clear Privacy and Anti-Glare Protection

Protect Your Privacy and Enjoy Optimal Viewing Experience

EZ-Glaz Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector comes with two distinct types of screen protectors: high-definition and privacy. And each offers unique advantages to enhance your smartphone experience. If you want more screen protector films for Galaxy S22 Ultra, click this link to buy!

High-Definition Clarity: The high-definition screen protector ensures crystal-clear visuals, preserving the vividness and sharpness of your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s display. Enjoy every detail of your favorite movies, photos, and games without compromising on image quality.

Privacy Enhancement: The privacy screen protector takes your security to the next level. It features advanced technology that narrows the viewing angles, making it nearly impossible for others to sneak a peek at your screen. Keep your personal information confidential, even in crowded spaces.

Crystal Clear Privacy and Anti-Glare: Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protectors

Fingerprint Sensor Compatible and Case-Friendly Design

Seamless Integration with Enhanced Protection

The Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector goes beyond screen protection. What’s more, it is designed to work with the fingerprint sensor and is fully work with phone cases. You no longer need to compromise on convenience or safety.

Fingerprint Sensor Compatibility: Our screen protector is engineered to allow flawless operation of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s fingerprint sensor. So you can unlock your phone effortlessly and securely without any interference.

Case-Friendly Design: Still worried about compatibility issues with your favorite phone case? Don’t be. Because this protector is case-friendly, ensuring a perfect fit alongside your preferred Galaxy S22 Ultra case. Enjoy comprehensive device protection without compromising on style.

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28 reviews for Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector Magic Box Mounter

  1. Just me and my zoo

    I HIGHLY recommend following the instructional video along as you are applying this. I kept it up on my computer and paused at each step after messing up the first one.This kit comes with everything you need to apply a screen and camera lens protector to a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Following the video, it was a very easy process to clean, remove dust, and attach the protectors.I was disappointed to find bubbles after installing the screen protector. I used the tool to attempt to push them out, as instructed but I had no luck. I was however surprised to find the bubbles had worked themselves out in 2 days. I also found a scratch in the protector after 2 days so I wish I hadn’t messed up the first one.

  2. Akio

    Easy to apply, but definitely not glass. The best way I could describe it would be somewhere in between the stock screen protector and a self healing screen protector. My first application ripped in a few weeks of use, but we shall see if the second one has the same issue.

  3. Antonio

    This screen protector system is by far that easiest one I’ve ever used. It comes with two screen protectors and everything you need like the wet wipe to clean the screen and and the cloth to dry it. The install is as simple as placing the phone in the case, closing the cover and move the handle from top to bottom. The screen protector fits very well and provides good coverage and protection. Protectors and case are both high quality and very durable. This kit performs very well and didn’t get a single bubble. Would give this ten stars if I could. I highly recommend this product.

  4. Tiffany S

    This screen protector is amazingly easy to install. I had no issues at all. The fingerprint sensor works, the S Pen works. It’s pretty awesome.

  5. Jo NathanJo Nathan

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     I have to say, I was so nervous and pesimistic installing this screen protector. I’ve tried many in the past, similar to this design and install method, and all have failed. I thought this would be more of the same… but ITS NOT!!! The install REALLY is as easy as it seems. Please look at the posted video to see how easy it was to get this installed. It did take me 2 tries unfortunately and I ruined the first screen protector as it didn’t install properly. However, and since I was recording to post my review, I did notice that I did not have the phone aligned properly inside and that was the reason for the bad installation. The second time, and one in the posted in the video here, everything was aligned properly and it installed nice and easy. Not a single bubble and, the part I was worried about the most, STILL recognized my finger print despite the recommendation to reset it now that I installed the screen protector. The install for the back camera protector was even easier as that was just a peel and stick and did not ruin/jeopardize picture taking quality. Fortunately it also fit my phone case which is excellent but that will be solely based on the type of phone case you have.All the functions of my screen still work the same and it’s able to recognize my touches, fingerprints, and my galaxy pen just fine.This is the solution I was looking for. An easy and straight forward, “DIY” installation. Protects your phone with a nice quality protector that is nice and think yet functional. I’m so happy I was able to get this installed without air bubbles on my phone. Will hope it stays on for a long time as I have seen screen protectors that go on and stay on great at the start, but then start peeling and cracking over time. Will update this review if this only lasts a few days/weeks.For now, I love this screen protector and how easy it was to set up. I highly recommend this product and encourage people, even those that always ended up with air bubbles from attempting to install screen protectors in the past, to give this a chance.

  6. Ms PeacockMs Peacock

    I have always used a tempered glass screen protector but when I saw this film screen protector and watched the video on the installation method, I had to try it. I had just purchased a new phone and had to find a protector right away. This produces a flawless product on your screen with no stress or strain. No bubbles, beautiful finish that helps keep fingerprints to a minimum. Fingerprint reader works without reinstalling fingerprints or raising the sensitivity. The film doesn’t interfere with any of the cases I have put on the new phone. This also comes with protective film for the cameras in the back. I highly recommend this screen protector. Make sure you watch the video of how this kit installs the screen protector for you and then follow the directions. It makes the process effortless with a perfect application.

  7. Mahesh Vaghasia

    The process of putting on the screen saver is very easy and goes on without any bubbles or lifts. I was happy with the results initially, but after a day the edges started to bubble and peel. I tried pressing the edges back, and it stays for a few minutes and then lifts again. So, have no option but return the product.

  8. TBone

    The EZ-GLAZ Screen Protector is a shining example of thoughtful design and user-centric engineering. It enhances the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G experience by providing robust protection, seamless fingerprint recognition, and a clear, unobtrusive view of the phone’s stunning screen. It’s a small investment that pays significant dividends in preserving the beauty and usability of your device. I highly recommend it.

  9. jlt0518jlt0518

    This is seriously a masterpiece of engineering. That might sound crazy, but I mean it completely!! Screen protectors are a necessary evil when it comes to $1200+ devices you carry around everywhere and are 90% flat block of glass. Gotta have them, but they tend to be miserable to get on perfectly straight, or without air bubbles. This absolutely brilliant product solves all of that. All you gotta do is follow the foolproof instructions which is essentially to set your phone and the proctor in the box, pull the magic lever and voila, a flawless screen protector appears on your phone like magic! Seriously took me maybe 2 minutes and no effort. Not only is it that easy to install, but the protector material itself feels nice, fits and responds well, and stays put with various cases. 10 star worthy!!!!

  10. Whitney

    Love it! Best screen protector I have ever had and it’s so easy to install.

  11. TJ

    Okay, so there’s a few things you need to understand.This isn’t glass, This isn’t thin film. This is TPU It’s a rubbery material soft and flexible. It’s EXTREMELY Easy to install, bubbles will work themselves out if applied properly and lets get to that. Application is INCREDDIBLY easy with this application tool. A 3yo could do it. Try me! Anyways, The edges do tend to gather debris and dust so you’re aware.This is one of the ONLY Screen protectors of ANY Type that I’ve found that works with full fingerprint functionality so I’m loving it. I have a large crack in my screen currently and using this does help me use my phone without having to worry about or feel that crack.

  12. B

    First: read/watch the instructions. They are simple, but you’ll want to follow the steps in order.This was super easy to do. My S23 Ultra fit perfect in the install device (you’ll have to remove your cover)The included screen protector went on super easy, no bubbles, perfectly aligned, and it’s a great screen protector.The camera protectors work great as well and even fit within my phone cover.Highly recommended and worth the extra cost to get perfectly aligned, no bubbles.

  13. Ali Al-Botaif

    It was easy to install, and the quality is good. It sticks very well. This screen protector provides great protection for the screen. The only downside is, the accuracy of the S-pen got affected by it since this screen protector is pretty thick.

  14. JKTJKT

    At first this seemed super confusing, but after watching the video and duplicating the steps it ended up being super fast and easy.The process is error free, no bubbles and nothing off center.This is one of the better screen protectors I have had in awhile. Thrilled it came with two protectors.The only down side is the extreme amount of wasted plastic when I’ve used the second protector.

  15. RickRick

    I was previously using a TPU film protector. This worked well, and it provided better screen and fingerprint sensitivity compared to tempered glass. It had a couple downsides though. First, the S-pen would leave little tracing marks on the screen. They would eventually go away, but they were annoying. Second, the TPU film had a tendency to shift around ever so slightly under applied pressure, for instance, when wiping a stubborn fingerprint off the screen. The EZ-GLAZ doesn’t have either of these problems, so it’s an improvement in that regard. I was hoping the EZ-GLAZ would be a good compromise between film and tempered glass. It is, mostly. The S-pen glides more smoothly on this than the TPU film, and my fingerprints worked right away, with no reprogramming necessary. The included installation kit is nice, and it allowed for a relatively easy application, resulting in just one dust speck at the bottom. Unfortunately, the EZ-GLAZ is incompatible with both my Unicorn Beetle Pro and Spigen Ultra Hybrid S cases. Each one causes the corners to bubble up. It seems the protector is just slightly too tall. Once the bubbles start, it’s hard to get them to go away completely. Because of that reason, I’m going back to the TPU protector.

  16. Lio.

    I have tried several different screen protectors for this phone since March this year. I’ve gone through about 8 different ones and had a hard time with all of them just being fragile, breaking, shifting, bubbling, or being very difficult to apply/install. The phone being large with slightly curved edges and an in-screen fingerprint sensor has made it more of a challenge to find a decent screen protector. I took a chance on this one and I’m so glad I did! The contraption for this made it super easy and the texture is perfect. I don’t think it feels like glass which I’d prefer, but I’d trade the glass feeling to get one that will protect my phone securely, look good, and not crack on me. I don’t have any dust or bubbles, its positioned perfectly for all of my phone cases, and it doesn’t skid when I slide my fingers across it. Some other protectors I’ve tried, I was able to still slide it around on the phone which led to dust getting under the edges too even though I applied those perfectly as well. I’m very happy and impressed with this one!

  17. Ron Mendoza

    10/31/2023 ~6-week update:I’m removing a star from my rating (from 4 stars to 3 stars) because bubbles seem to keep appearing near the edges. In addition, the film is very difficult to keep clean; trying to clean it always seems to just move smudges around.Also, it does not appear to very case friendly; every case I’ve used causes edges to lift with the exception of my Arc Pulse.– Original Review –Because the Galaxy S23 Ultra has curved screen edges, a standard tempered glass screen protector will not do the job, in my opinion. For the best results, in my opinion, you want to use Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) type screen protectors. However, those can be a challenge to install and typically cost quite a bit.There have been some good quality TPU screen protectors (in general), and that’s what this EZ-GLAZ offering is.This kit includes a new application method (for me), and it really makes for an accurate and simple installation.The quality of the screen protector is pretty good; it’s not glass but it’s much better than typical films. It does seem to adhere well, but the edges seem to attract a lot of dust, especially when using the phone bare (or in a minimal case like the Arc Pulse). I didn’t notice any performance difference using the S Pen, and it doesn’t leave any marks.I took a star off because it is a bit pricey for non-glass. But if you have a S23 Ultra and don’t want to mess with a LOCA protector, this is worth considering.

  18. S. Kelly

    I was slightly confused at first as to how to get this onto the screen, but once I reread the directions slower-I understood perfectly! Went on perfectly, with no bubbles and all features on the phone still work just the same as before, but now my screen is protected.

  19. Akio

    Easy to apply, but definitely not glass. The best way I could describe it would be somewhere in between the stock screen protector and a self healing screen protector. My first application ripped in a few weeks of use, but we shall see if the second one has the same issue.

  20. Basil Luneth

    I’m a real idiot when it comes to installing screen protectors. I always feel like I’m off by just the smallest margin and leave air bubbles or whatnot. This screen protector is a dream come true for idiots like me. The installation was extremely easy, shockingly so, and there isn’t a single air bubble. The video tutorial they have on here made it really easy to follow. The screen feels very nice to touch and smooth. It is crystal clear in terms of quality and it also goes around the front camera perfectly as well. I get the impression the screen is hard stuck to the phone and won’t ever fall off unless manually pulled off.The fingerprint sensor is also flawless so far. After I would say over 200 uses of the sensor, it hasn’t failed a single time, whereas my previous screen protector failed numerous times throughout the day. Overall I’m super happy with this and would definitely recommend.

  21. Papa Mike

    First the good news, the installation was great! Quick, easy, and no bubbles. Best installation process I’ve ever used.Now the bad parts. The screen protectors are totally incompatible with 75% of my phone cases, and almost immediately starts coming off. I have absolutely no issues with any other screen protectors, and I’ve reviewed a lot of them. The problem seems to be the thickness of the protector. It is noticeable thicker than an other protector I’ve used, and the phone cases will not go over the protector, but instead pushes it up.And again, the camera protectors are also incompatible with most of my cases, but so are most camera protectors out there.And finally, value. You only get 2 protectors for this price, which is one to two protectors less than most screen protectors, which means most of the price is for the box installer. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could buy refills, but you can’t, so you have to buy another box every time. That’s a waste of money. (There are other screen protectors out there, just l Iike this that do offer refills at a fair price, this is not a patent protected device.) I gave it two stars instead of one for ease of installation. If you don’t use a case, go ahead and try it. If you don’t want camera protectors, they do sell a version without them, for a dollar less.

  22. Jay “Tech boner” Louis

    This screen protector was the easiest I’ve ever used. The quality of the protector is great. The finger print sensor worked without a problem. I did not have to reset my finger prints. The screen protector is very clear, you can hardly tell that it is installed. The curved edges are perfectly aligned. This is perfect.

  23. Duy

    I’m so glad these mechanisms are available nowadays to put these screen protectors on. Makes it simple, fool-proof, and quick. Instructions are nicely detailed and installing this on my s23 ultra was a breeze. as for the protector itself, it seems really well made and should protect my screen from scratches.

  24. Ed ThompsonEd Thompson

    This screen protector kit does a fantastic job of applying a perfect film on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The instrare easy to follow even if the kit seems intimidating upon unboxing. The wet, dry, and lint cleaners are standard issue. The custom made application box positions your phone and protector film perfectly. Even with a curved screen, the protector is nicely applied with no air bubbles. A perfect and professional fit that should be long lasting. Very high quality with great results.

  25. DeAnna WearyDeAnna Weary

    Easy to use with step by step directions. Applies protector bubble and squiggle free. Protector isn’t glass and not very good quality.

  26. Savio.K

    In summary, the EZ-GLAZ Screen Protector offers comprehensive protection for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G, including both the screen and camera lenses. Its advanced features and compatibility make it an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and user-friendly device protection.

  27. Mark rodriguez

    Fits on my phone, no problem, no bubbles and easy to put on with the guide.

  28. Melissa K

    This was great and so easy to put on. I did miss read the directions and had to use the second protector because there was a piece of dust that I couldn’t ignore on the first one. But once I did it the right way it was so so easy. Definitely recommend.

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