Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector without Mounter Box

Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protector films 4 pcs without mounter box. Easy installation, crystal-clear clarity, and privacy options, dust & bubble-free install, support for fingerprint, case friendly.

Superior Installation Method for a Seamless Experience

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional screen protector installation. EZ-Glaz Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector revolutionizes the way you protect your phone by offering an easy and convenient installation process. Please note that link does not come with an installation kit, so make sure you alreadly have purchased Galaxy S22 Ultra Magic Box Mounter. With its unique installation method, you can save time and effort while achieving a flawless and bubble-free application. Experience the convenience and simplicity of protecting your phone screen like never before.

Crystal Clear High Definition or Privacy at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector. Choose between two exceptional types: Crystal Clear High Definition or Privacy.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protectors

Crystal Clear High Definition: Unmatched Visual Clarity

Indulge in a mesmerizing visual experience with the Crystal Clear High Definition screen protector. This remarkable option offers pristine clarity, allowing you to appreciate every detail on your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen. Watch videos, play games, or browse photos with astonishing clarity, as if there were no protector at all. Elevate your phone usage to new heights with this crystal-clear marvel.

Privacy: Protect Your Confidentiality with Ease

Safeguard your privacy with our Privacy screen protector. With a cutting-edge privacy filter, it limits the viewing angle of your phone’s screen, ensuring that only you can see the content displayed. Keep your personal information, sensitive data, and confidential messages private, even when using your phone in public spaces. Take control of your privacy and embrace peace of mind with this innovative screen protector.

Complete Phone Protection, Enhanced Functionality

The Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector not only shields your phone’s screen from scratches, smudges, and everyday wear and tear but also enhances its functionality. Designed to be compatible with fingerprint sensors, it seamlessly integrates with your phone, allowing you to unlock it effortlessly while keeping it protected. Additionally, the screen protector is perfectly compatible with phone cases, providing comprehensive protection for your device. Embrace the advanced technology of the Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen Protector and give your phone the ultimate safeguarding it deserves.

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HD (4 Pcs), Privacy (4 Pcs)


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