Galaxy S23 Ultra Premium Screen Protector 2 Pack with Magicbox Mounter

(70 customer reviews)

Protect Galaxy S23 Ultra with easy-install nanohybrid screen protector. Full coverage and case-friendly design ensures comprehensive protection for your device, while supporting fingerprint unlocking. Choose from HD, matte, or privacy options, all made from eco-friendly, food-grade plastic with a 7H hardness rating.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Screen Protector

Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, our nanohybrid screen protector offers superior protection against keys and sharp objects. And made from eco-friendly, food-grade plastic, the installation box is reusable, reducing environmental impact.

For additional films without the mounter, buy more Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector films.

Easy Installation & Bubble-Free

EZ-Glaz screen protector magicbox mounter ensures a seamless installation of the Galaxy S23 Ultra nanohybrid protective film, free from bubbles and residue. It adheres perfectly to the screen, maintaining touch sensitivity without any gaps or bubbles. On the other hand, easily install the screen protector with the Galaxy S23 Ultra Magicbox Mounter, eliminating the hassle of complicated installation procedures.

Full Coverage & Case-Friendly

Featuring a 3D curved hybrid glass design, our screen protector fully covers and protects the entire display screen of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. What’ more, precise cutting and 3D curved full-cover technology provide comprehensive protection while leaving space on the four sides for easy compatibility with cases.

Supports Fingerprint Unlock

This screen protector for Galaxy S23 Ultra seamlessly supports fingerprint unlocking. After application, simply re-scan your fingerprint for a comfortable and secure unlocking experience. The new adhesive design ensures a secure fit, eliminating worries of the screen protector coming off.

Galaxy S23 Ultra HD/Privacy Screen Protector

Choose from our range of screen protectors, including HD, matte, or privacy options. With a 7H hardness rating, our nano-hybrid materials offer excellent durability. Additionally, HD protector provides added armor without compromising clarity, while the privacy option ensures a maximum viewing angle of 30°, protecting your data privacy in any situation.

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HD clear, Privacy

70 reviews for Galaxy S23 Ultra Premium Screen Protector 2 Pack with Magicbox Mounter

  1. yajaira campos

    Works super super great easy to useBeautiful item looks super great,the right fit

  2. sm00kingWRX

    Awesome installer, finally no air bubbles! Does leave smudges and finger prints. isn’t glass but ill take it over air bubbles.

  3. Omar

    It’s okay, the adhesion is not the best, tried with all screens and always ended up with a bubble or spot that was not sealed right. The auto alignment was not really working because the screen didn’t really align well. I actually put on the screen protector without the alligner and ended up placing it on better. had a phone drop and the screen protector broke on the first drop and the drop was not that harsh. The edges always didn’t seal right. Overall, not the best quality, but works with multiple tries.

  4. Art Farooqi

    This template helps put on a screensaver for my iPhone, 15 very accurately. The screensaver is perfectly centered and allows any case to be installed without causing any bubbling on the edges from a miss installed screensaver.

  5. elemee3elemee3

    Well worth the money – easiest to install and best customer service. I’ve tried screen protectors from two other sellers. The first didn’t install without bubbles. The second had the fingerprint button on the screen which I didn’t like because I don’t use it and found the circle on the film distracting. This one installed super easily with the slide box provided and the film went on perfectly without issue. I cannot speak to if the fingerprint works with this film but that was a plus for me to not have the fingerprint circle on it.

  6. DIVRequiem

    Went on out without a hitch, virtually invisible, no discoloration. Bubbles came out easily and it includes more covers than most. The application can be minorly better, but that was all.

  7. Greyston

    I had gone thru many other brands of screen protectors in the market even the gel applications that requires curing. Purchased these bad boys and it worked as promised. Easy breezy instructions no bubbles, perfect alignment for my S23 model, finger print reader works great just need to press/ hold a bit harder. I notice the screen protector attracts lints when I pull it out from my pocket. A good wipe would do the trick. The price is reasonable and no mess or fuss at all. Definitely will recommend.

  8. Perfectfool13

    Everything that is need to apply this screen protector is included. The installations are perfectly explained in a folded instruction booklet. I’ve used screen protectors on every smartphone I’ve ever had. This EZ-GLAZ Screen Protector is the easiest one I’ve installed yet. Took about 2 minutes to install. When completed the screen had no airbubbles. Truly painless operation from start to finish.The screen protector film is stronger and completely invisible.This is a great product. I highly recommend it.

  9. StephSteph

    The tool for this protector is awesome!!! It made putting the protector on so easy and I wish I could use other protectors with it, it was that awesome.Unfortunately, the protector itself started to get dings in it a month in. I am not hard on my phones and can go 6 months or longer (typically) if a protector is good quality. This one was completely done after 2 months. I will give the second one in the box another try, and hopefully that one will last longer.

  10. David J Schiavi

    This screen protector is the best I’ve ever used instructions are straight forward the end result is a perfect screen. Thank you !

  11. Jon Moore

    I have installed dozens of screen protectors on multiple devices. Some were very simple and turned out well. Others were trashed and another one was used to replace it. This little beauty though, Wow! It is hard to imagine a better way to apply a screen protector. Seriously, no hassle whatsoever. The hardest part is cleaning your device before installation. The fit is excellent and the alignment is nearly perfect. Quality is top notch. And the feel is as close to the original screen as it gets. Oh and I didn’t have to reset my fingerprint scans. Absolutely no distortion or flaws upon install. That’s impressive on a curved glass device. I will have to be very impressed to ever consider another brand after using this. Could not recommend more highly. Extremely great value for the price.

  12. Derek K

    I’m not one for writing reviews. But I had a lot of stress and anxiety about adding my own screen protector to my S23 Ultra. I do not overstate this when I say this is the best product in this market. It was easy, the instructions were clear. They eliminated failure as an option. Looks amazing, biometric functions still work great.

  13. Keith WaltersKeith Walters

    The nice thing about this protector is that there is no weird dark circle where the fingerprint sensor is. Also, the fingerprint response and accuracy is about 10x better. Alignment is perfect and it seems to be much more securely attached to the screen. It may cost more than other protectors but, so far, it has been worth it.I would buy again.

  14. H GH G

    Purchased this to replace my existing protector. The install of the phone into the housing of the applicator clicks in but you have to push hard. I thought I was going to break my phone to get it wedged in the applicator tool.The screen template holes are good and they fit. Some reason it looks like the the screen protector has to make contact with the phone but that is not the case (pun intended).The application was fast but rolling mechanism seemed to be tight and hard to push down. But once started, it worked well.The edges of the screen protector do start to come up after a few hours of application and because of the lack of adhesion on the edges I got a small bubble. See pictures.The camera protector, doesn’t like up. Don’t waste your time with it. The precision is just simply not there.Fingerprint reader works well for me.

  15. Felicia W.

    I dont usually write reviews. I have used probably 6 or 7 different brand screen protectors so far on my S23 Ultra and none of them have been this easy to install. There were no bubbles or anything. I will be recommending this to every one.

  16. RGTorque

    This tool helps screen covers align with your phone so they are perfectly fitted. It comes with 2 covers that evil for a s22 ultra and s23 ultra. I was hoping it will work on other phone models, as a universal, but this is not the case. I’m deducting a star for that. We don’t need more one time use plastic. Finger print reader works but is not as good as original. Not sure how long the screen cover will last. Will update later.

  17. Nicholas Paul

    I wanted to like these! The application process almost couldn’t be easier. By far the easiest screen protector I’ve applied(and I’ve done hundreds through the years) but no matter what the product says or other “reviews” say, it didn’t work well with the fingerprint scanner and my S22 ultra. I tried both from the package with similar results, about a 30-40% take rate on my fingerprints. I tried re-adding my fingerprints and turning on the setting for more sensitivity, but always got less than acceptable results.If you don’t use fingerprint scanning on your phone, it would be a great screen protector because of the fact that they give you 2, the contour was great with the curved edge of the screen, and it didn’t peel up because of my case. (Un)fortunately the 2 pack of Samsung screen protectors I got somewhere for a tenth of the cost ended up working perfectly for all of the above reasons AND my fingerprints scan every time no problem.

  18. kcruse

    Just got them yesterday and just threw the second in the trash. The both left air bubbles in them. Tiny air bubbles. I did everything correctly. Neither are case friendly. And they are not hard. I doubt my phone would have been protected anyways.

  19. Olivia Williams

    I’m about 2 months in and already on my 3 screen protector. I don’t think its my fault and just that the glass cracks easily on this. Rating 4 instead of lower because these are truly so easy and simple to put on I love it

  20. Chad C.

    When I placed the order, the seller messaged me before shipping to confirm my S23 Ultra phone model. They assured me if I had any problems whatsoever they’d take care of it. I received the product and did the installation as directed which was SUPER easy and came out beautifully – I have OCD and a misaligned screen protector is glaring for me. This one looked and felt great.Unfortunately, the edges of my Spigen Optik Armor case put pressure on the sides and the screen protector began to lift. I contacted the seller and they asked for a photo showing it, saying if it didn’t work with this particular case, they’d refund me. I sent the pic and within hours had a full refund.I hope they trim the edges a bit so it works with tighter cases like this one, and I’ll definitely buy again.

  21. Christa Graves

    This was by far the easiest screen protector I have ever put on! It was simple, no bubbles, works great! Absolutely blown away! I have not found a flaw in it yet!

  22. Ben

    I like seeing new ways to effectively apply a screen protector with high precision and minimal issues. This is one of those ways. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to applying screen protectors, and I have done my fair share of them being my immediate and extended family self-designated screen protector applicator.This one is a much better solution to get it properly aligned to the phone with minimal error, especially comparing it to the “plastic bumper” that has been the standard for screen protector kits for the past few years. I don’t like those ones since every one I’ve tried using always has a little give on each side and doesn’t perfectly align! No thanks.When I try to align it manually, I end up taking longer to press it down, which allows for dust or other particles to get under the screen protector. Don’t like that much either. This one is nice because you can peel the plastic off, and quickly pop the template on. Then it’s ready to push and slide the adhesive side to the phone. Very satisfying as always to watch it adhere.If you want to get real resourceful, it’s technically somewhat reusable, but may not be as perfectly lined up as they come new. But the template is just another sticker paper that you can put another screen protector on. Not recommending to do it that way, but I tried it and was able to get it to work.

  23. Bruce Thomas

    This product works great with the sliding tool. very easy. However, it does not stay attached depending on the the cell phone box/cover. It works well with my wife low brand but it does work with otter box. it keeps peeling off around the edges.

  24. Restless Dave

    Overall I’m pretty happy with the screen protector, it’s very transparent, easy to clean, seems quite durable, and doesn’t interfere with the touch functions of my phone. I didn’t find the install as foolproof as they claim – I did get some bubbles when I tried to follow the directions. Fortunately all of the big bubbles vanished overnight, leaving only two tiny ones that I can only see if I really look for them. On the upside, there is an extra protector in case you really mess up and want to try again. Recommended.

  25. scottthreet40

    this screen protector is simple to use take off the case clean the surface with the wipe insert phone into device face up get the dust sticker go all over the phone get the screen protector install screen protector face up with the pull down place screen protector in top single catch lift up on the screen protector to get it in the catch next insert the left and right hole onto the pegs next before closing lid make pull squeegee is up at the top next close the lid then pull the tie sticking out of the box all the way out then get the p u l l squeegee up and back to the top left lid you’re done

  26. Pat Babcock

    Very easy to put on and no bubbles. Will definitely buy again.

  27. Brittany

    You cannot use this screen protector with the fingerprint reader. Waste of money. Easy to install but useless for me if the fingerprint reader won’t work 😕

  28. Pcman

    This works! Installed in no time. Finally a protector that is easy to install the first time and look great. You can keep the box to install and just buy more protectors. Fingerprint works also. Did not need to redo prints. Very happy.

  29. snir

    The all package for this Tulsa is perfect, and it’s installed exactly on the screen with no issue with no bubbles.But defembergal print reader. I’m not working very hard to open the phone with the fingerprint..

  30. Lee LaneLee Lane

    After wasting $25 at my local carrier store I decided to just get my own screen protector. I watched 4 different versions all similar but I liked this 1 better due to no liquid. I opened it immediately and started on replacing my old one. It only took about 15 minutes. And I’m so glad I decided on this 1. It looks GREAT! No air bubbles or crooked lines. You can hardly even tell its on there. And my fingerprint scanner works great! If your looking for a screen protector, look no further! Highly recommend this one.


    Easy to install but NOT case friendly. Edges lift when case installed resulting in poor performance.**Updating previous review, good seller communication. Seller reached out to address issue and now resoled.

  32. Kiesha Barrientes

    I thought it went on phone. But now just see my phone screen is scratched or cracked on side and I can’t find the screen protector i put on it. I’m so disappointed.

  33. Ron Mendoza

    — ~30 day Update Notes –It’s been just over 4 weeks since I installed the first screen protector and I’ve actually been pretty happy with it. My phone has had some minor drops and so far no chips at all on any of the screen protector edges; that is with the phone “naked” without a case.The half-inch edge never did adhere but it is not noticeable when the screen is on. If I could, I’d bump my rating to 4.5 stars.– Original Review –Starting with the iPhone 12 series redesign and continuing through the iPhone 15 series, the front glass is pretty flat, which should make it easier for screen protectors to cover and adhere.The EZ-GLAZ system is similar to others’ “One-touch” where the screen protector is attached to an included installation frame. As you’d expect, there are pre-moistened cleaning squares and dust stickers . To install, you simply remove the backing on the screen protector, press the frame down on the phone, then press through to apply the protector.The screen protector covers most of the practical front including the dynamic island area, and thankfully extends just beyond the actual visible screen so you don’t get any rainbow prism effect at the edges, and is case-friendly.The glass does NOT have a black border (which I prefer) but after installation, there was still a half-inch edge that didn’t adhere perfectly.Touch sensitivity seems great and it seems to have a good oleophobic coating, so I’m using it as-is for now. Hopefully the second screen install will adhere perfectly. I do wish the installation frame had a pull tab to help prevent dust from collecting during the installation.Note: I did not use the included camera lens covers because they cover the lenses.

  34. Brian D.

    The best and easy-to-use product on the market. I would and will recommend this to all my friends.

  35. Chef Shelley

    Feels great and is very clear. It installed very easily and the instructions were clear. Once finished it has a few bubbles that I cannot get out. I hope they disappear.

  36. Christopher Weil

    Yes, the protector is plastic not glass, but the installation method is next level.I hate using the glass with special UV glue as I’m always afraid of it getting into the earpiece slit and then curing in place blocking that speaker, so I try to avoid those. There aren’t other good affordable glass protectors unless you’re ok with a big circle where the fingerprint sensor is. I personally am not at all ok with that.This screen protector is just nice and plastic, installs super easily, and works well. If anything I wish it could handle fingerprints a little better, but that’s a very minor complaint

  37. that22ninjaguy

    This is a VERY good screen protector. I have never installed an easier cover to be absolutely flawless with no bubbles. I would like to get some extras if possible and have not found a link yet instead of buying more with another install kit.

  38. Weyam Rushdi

    I am so impressed by this product. It’s by far the best screen protector I’ve ever used. I wonder if they sell the screen protector by itself without the tray (cause I have already have it)? I highly recommend buying this for your Samsung S23 Ultra

  39. danielle kdanielle k

    This product made it easy to align the screen protector evenly. The pictures were easy to understand, and had a qr code to see a quick video. The first time I used it, it had a few air bubbles (see picture). I used the small detachable scraper to get the bubbles out, but unfortunately made marks on the screen protector (see second picture). I was able to easily remove the screen protector and try again. This time it worked great. At first I had to push hard for my fingerprint to be recognized, and now it can easily be detected.After a few days with the screen protector on, it is starting to lift. I have to press on the corners every now and then so it will stick.The product to align the screen protector worked very well. Unfortunately, the screen protector is not sticking after 2 days of being on my phone. I do not recommend the screen protector itself, but the product to align it is great.

  40. Jason Ingram

    I loved everything about this until I put my case back on. The perfect fit edges immediately pulled away all along the curved side edges. And not just a little bit. It pulled away very far in, and will not stay down at all, making it useless. One of the pictures from the product description shows a phone in a case, leading me to believe this could be used with a case. I’m very disappointed. The description should state it cannot be used with a case.

  41. Melissa

    What took so long to come up with this? No more air bubbles or crooked installation! Perfect application on my first try!

  42. Eric Schmidt

    For what this screen protector cost I really expected better results. Both applications I was not able to get all the bubbles out some were small some were bigger. I won’t waste my time and money with this one again.

  43. Joe Z

    After getting some scratches on my previous resin protector (I have a wallet case that presses cards against the screen while in my pocket), I went looking for some that might last longer and not have issues with the curved edges. This set does do well with the latter, but does gets scratches and dents just as easily given it’s a soft film.I thought the instructions were pretty straightforward, though that ended up being misleading, as they contradict the actual alignment box, and the videos show differences from the actual product; the QR code led to a video that refused to play on my phone, so I ended up using the listing video to try helping.Cleaning was simple enough after inserting the phone into the box. It has the normal wipe/cloth/sticker combo for getting rid of dust and smudges beforehand, though the handle roller can get in the way if not pushed up enough. My first problem came when trying to hook the top of the protector to the notch; there are multiple holes and directions to use them, but only one actually is used on the top. It’s hard to figure out how to keep the plastic strip accessible when hooking the protector on, and I actually ruined the first one when I tried taking the plastic off and had to throw it away.The second one went much better, as I ignored the instructions and removed it before mounting in the box – making it trickier to actually align without accidentally touching the screen. It went on easily after that, and there were no bubbles after rolling. The protection is decent, though pressing a nail or stylus too hard will leave a noticable mark. It does feel like glass, and doesn’t have any resistance or grip like my previous one, which is nice.I think more straigforward kits are better overall, as the complicated alignment steps have too much room for error for the slight benefit of a straighter install… There’s also a lot of trash left over, and for the price there are plenty of cheaper options that offer a similar level of protection. It’s still useful enough, but I think I’ll look elsewhere when the time comes to replace it again!

  44. amanda wade

    It broke my phone while I was putting it on. Now I have to get a new phone

  45. Debra Courter

    Love this screen protector. Worth the money and so easy to install!!

  46. jordan

    This has been the easiest screen protector to out on. You don’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges after cleaning the phone or alignment issues. Everything went well after the first try. No bubble and the sides adhered perfectly. Will be buy again.

  47. Tanislado Mungia

    Bought this due to easy application of screen protector. Package arrived on time and ass described. The install process was easy and hassle free went on with no issues. The issue with is if you plan on using a case be cautious. The screen protector will start to peel up on the edges and will not stay down. You can press it back down and it looks fine. Within a few minutes it will start to separate from the screen on the edgesagain. And after an hour or more it will almost be completely separated on the edges. So be cautious of using with a case.

  48. Kuzman Antonio

    A simple machine that put my S23 Ultra , ready for duty

  49. Jonathan

    The quality along with value for the money.

  50. Jeannette Avakian

    first one i have ever bought which works. little weird but watch the video in the info and just works.. no bubbles.. no issues.. as long as it last i am very happ

  51. Albert

    Perfect installation. Easy to use and follow instructions. Looks great. Not one bubble or speck of dust. Will buy again.

  52. Mary

    Got these for my financé and myself. Absolutely worth the $! Perfect fit & protection.

  53. AlexM

    Not the most clear in some of the instructions. Alignment was a bit difficult and obviously tedious because the back needs to be COMPLETELY removed before dropping the entire frame onto the surface of the phone. Because of this, I still got a few specks of dust underneath, but at least there are 4 protectors if I ever get annoyed by it. There are two frames that come pre-assembled for installation and two extra protectors that can be attached to the frames for install. The camera lens protectors felt kinda cheap, really bulked up the camera, and I took them off not long after install. The camera protector actually stuck out above most of my cases, which basically made the cases useless for camera protection, and made the phone lay even more at an angle.Overall pretty good. They get the job done, you get a lot for the price, and the bonus lens protectors may work for you if you really want them.

  54. rohit

    Superb for all of installation

  55. Rebecca T

    Worked great. Finally no bubbles, no effort, looks fantastic!

  56. LdyJAM

    This was very easy to use. After a few weeks I did notice I have a small bubble in the corner. I wasn’t able to redo my fingerprint once I had the screen on, but it did still read my fingerprint from my first add. Definitely make sure you add your fingerprint before just in case.

  57. MuraMura

    I like this one over the other ones I used for my Galaxy.First off the product comes with a self-applicator which you don’t need to measure, freak out about putting it wrong, having air bubbles or whatnot.Second, besides the applicator/box there are two sets of everything: screens protectors, wipes, and lint removers just in case you mess up the first time.Third, there are various ways for instructors: a self explanation video, photo steps of installation, pictures and text.This is a great product overall, easy-to-use and easy-to-apply just in a couple of steps.I took one star off just because the area next to the front camera doesn’t look like it’s sticking properly and I expect it to be Perfect considering the price.

  58. Uncle Bluto

    So easy to install, totally fingerprint compatible works perfect every time,no bubbles and fits my phone case perfectly. So happy with my purchase!

  59. Bill HammonBill Hammon

    Despite the name, this is NOT glass. This is super easy to install due to a fool-proof application box. Set the phone in the box, align the protector with the tabs, pull to expose the adhesive, and roll it on to squeeze out air bubbles.The description indicate this works with cases. All was fine with the install; however, the edges of the case caused the screen protector to come up and bubble. I tried to contact the seller,. The email address printed on the instructions was incorrect. I changed a couple of letters and received a reply asking for a picture of the issue I was having. I never received a reply after that.Edit: Seller has contacted me and will be sending a replacement.

  60. M.V.P. Painting & HomeDecor

    It was quick, easy, and impossible to do wrong. My screen is clearer than ever too

  61. Marvin E Savoury

    Installation was as advertised, full screen coverage, No Bubbles. Good fingerprint response.I am fully satisfied with this product.

  62. ME

    The fit and cutouts are precise. The installation tool makes everything move along smoothly. I would order replacements if needed.

  63. Chris

    I wish I could like this a thousand times. Yes you do need to watch the video. If you don’t then that’s your fault. They literally have it set to be not to be sarcastic but idiot proof. Yes I had to reset my fingerprints but that gave me a chance to change some passwords as well. It’s a win win in my book. Thank you.

  64. chris martin

    Super easy to install, but the screen is not case friendly. Pops off on corners with a very thin case. Fingerprint reader also doesn’t work properly. If your a fan of using your fingerprints for app don’t but this protector.

  65. Amanda

    Great product! I have bought eight and installed 5. So far, 1 of the films the finger print reader would not work at all; 1 it works most of the time; the other 3 it works all the time.The installation tools is fabulous!

  66. kenneth

    Let me start buy saying the protector is not glass, should have read the reviews befor purchasing.I seen the add and thought someone one has made glass protectors that are easy to apply. GENIUS!!!Nope, just came up with a better name and new application tray. The protectors are fine if you want a soft protector. THESE WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR SCREEN FROM BREAKING………!!! Belive me.I just paid 400 clams to replace mine using the same protector. Give it up to marketing, they pulled the wool this time…….EZ-GLASS MY _ _ S.SHOULD BE CALLED NO-GLASS………

  67. Laura

    This is great and the applicator gets it perfect. Even the people at the cell phone place never got my screen protector on this good

  68. Nicolette

    Holy cow. I’ve spend at least a hundred bucks on trying different screen protectors. I don’t use the fingerprint sensor so I hate that ugly circle looking spot that most screen protectors leave. This doesn’t have that. And as for ease of install?! This blows all the other ones I’ve tried out of the water. Super easy. Super fast. And not a single air bubble. Fool proof, honestly!! Worth every penny!!!!

  69. Nilson DeOliveira

    Fingerprint works great, size is spot on and the phone case fits.. all is good , I read lots of reviews and ordered a few and none worked. Finally found this one, I have to press a little harder for the Fingerprint, but not much.

  70. Robert

    This is the easiest screen protector to install that I have ever used. And I have ordered many. Came out perfect the first time.

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